Chrissie Poole

“I have been working with Jonathan for 6 weeks now. He has helped me build a bespoke fitness and nutrition plan that is really working for me.

I noticed changes very quickly, my fitness level is massively improved from where it was and I find each session with Jonathan very inspirational.

I honestly thought the whole experience would be terribly hard but to my surprise I can honestly say I am enjoying exercise for the first time in years and feel my personalised plan is one i can stick to. 

I know I will achieve the goals Jonathan has helped me set. He really knows his stuff, is incredibly professional and knowledgeable. I would not hesitate in saying to anyone that they should start working with him immediately!”

Sophie Knight

"Jonathan has helped me gain more information about body composition as a whole, how different food affects the body, when to eat what, what to avoid. Definitely felt fitter and stronger by the end of the sessions, (can actually squat and lunge now without falling over!!)Shoulders and upper arms definitely more toned and defined (not bulky though)."

Joanna Lynn

“Training with Jonathan has changed my life. Over the years I've tried all sorts of diets and exercise regime which made very little or no difference. As the result of that my weight has been fluctuating and I came to terms that this is something I have to live with for the rest of my life. I thought I knew everything about healthy living and exercise until I met Jon. He's by far the most knowledgeable, supportive and committed personal trainer I've ever come across, and I've met quite a few. He's incredibly ambitious and doesn't accept failure. He's changed the way I train and eat, giving me tools and knowledge that will stay with me forever. I can honestly say, that at 40 years old, I'm at my physical best. I'd recommend him to anyone who's not afraid of hard work and commitment. “

Faye Murphy

Before I started training with Jonathan, I was miserable. I had got myself into a bad place physically and mentally during my last year at uni. I didn't want to go out anymore because I was so uncomfortable in myself. But training with Jonathan has been a real turning point in my life, i've now regained my confidence and am back to my happier self!

He's great to train with, he knows your limits and isn't afraid to push you! And it's perfect because he just comes round to your house, so even if you're having a bad day and can't be bothered, tough! He knows where you live, ha! It's great having someone there motivating and encouraging you, and the results have been incredible, worth every penny!!

Thanks to Jonathan, i'm in a much better place not just physically, but mentally as well and i can't thank him enough. You can now find me most weekends out on the town, legs on show, fake tan on, i'm back babyyy! ;)

Sophie H.

I met Jon when I had zero confidence and zero fitness. I was looking to lose weight and get fitter

Jon’s approach puts you at ease straight away. I have trained with a couple of other trainers in the past but Jon is by far the best and the most knowledgeable I have met.  He finds out what your goals are and perfectly tailors your training plan to meet those goals.

Whilst sessions are hard work, which means you see results quickly, the sessions are so fun they go by very quickly.

Since being with Jon I have learnt more about the right foods. I’m feeling stronger and fitter. And I’m fitting back in to some of my old clothes already in a just a short time

Jaysal P

I have never worked with a personal trainer before and thought that there would be a conflict of personalities. I went to Jon to help me lose belly fat and get a stronger body.

In the short time I have been training with Jon, I feel fitter, my posture has improved and I can see my toes.

In short, Jon was very friendly, polite and professional and compared to others I have met, seem to be more systematic in his approach and motivates and pushes me at every session